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ISPOR Bulgarian Chapter comes up with problem-led evidence based decision making in the changing healthcare ecosystem.

New Patient Access Architecture

New Patient Access Architecture

Ispor Bulgaria Past Events  On 03.02.2023 the first HEOR forum with international participation for the year, organized by ISPOR Bulgarian Chapter took place. Experts coming from the regulatory authorities, academia, pharma industry and patients organizations...

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Mutual agreement

All stakeholders reached common agreement that the creation of the right ecosystem for medication adherence improvement should include:

  • Communication campaign between state and private sector, between patients and healthcare professionals;
  • Screening and early diagnosis;
  • Increase in the share of public partnerships;
  • Active patient engagement through the right digital solutions;
  • Development of national programme for education on medication adherence with focus on the quality of health services;
  • Improvement and utilization of the full potential of the electronic health record in the right way;
  • Improved access of patients to educational seminar, transparency of institutions on public expenditures;
  • Development of guidelines and recommendations with concrete criteria for the different diseases

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    Ispor Bulgaria Past Events

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