Ispor Bulgaria Past Events


On 03.02.2023 the first HEOR forum with international participation for the year, organized by ISPOR Bulgarian Chapter took place. Experts coming from the regulatory authorities, academia, pharma industry and patients organizations gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the implementation of the new HTA regulation in Bulgaria.

Several take home messages were drafted:

  • Change in the national legislation is expected in terms of more fluent implementation of the
    new HTA regulation;
  • The Joint Clinical Assessment is expected to reduce the administrative burden on pharma industry and would provide joint decision on the comparative effectiveness of the new health technologies incorporating the perspective of all member states healthcare systems;
  • The new HTA Regulation is expected to provide possibilities for patient involvement in the health technology assessment;
  • Challenges could be overcome with involvement of all stakeholders.

It is all about decision making through collaboration and involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

ISPOR Bulgarian Chapter thanks to all participants!